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Glimmer by RINNA

Corinna Garcia

makeup artist

Corinna Garcia


With a touch of glimmer. You can shine

Hello dolls! My name is corinna Garcia i am a a self taught makeup artist Born and raised in the city of New York. I have always been interested in art and have always been a creative individual always seeking new ways to bring creativity to a new level ! Six years ago i began this journey and developed such a love for the makeup industry and everything about it. I used my skills of art an developed them into so much more when it came to makeup it is truly something i am so passionate about. I have done all types of makeup on all types of people and its amazing working with each and every person, creating an awesome experience for them. My main goal in this industry is to make each and everyone of you feel beautiful, glamorous, and ALL YOU EVER DREAMED OF, nothing is ever impossible once you've had a touch of GLIMMER