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Kristine Regencia

event planner, wedding planner

Kristine Regencia
Toronto, ON

simply beautiful - beautifully simple

My name is Kristine Regencia. Ever since I could remember, I’ve always had a passion for planning events. Weddings are my specialty, but there isn’t an event I can’t do. Events By K is a full-service planning, design, and day of coordination company. My main mission is to create a worry and stress-free environment for clients and guests, leading up-to and during the big day, going above and beyond my client's’ expectations, in not only successfully incorporating their creativity with mine but also producing beautiful events that create long-lasting memories for clients and their guests.

As a team of 1, many skeptics out there will say, “how will she be able to execute a full event by herself?” Well, you know what? It may just be me, my laptop and my cell-phone, but with a little bit of creativity and a lot of charm, dedication and ambition, I have the ability to achieve the grandest of challenges. I have background experience as an Event Assistant, interning under a reputable Event Planner in Toronto. I was fortunate to be able to work alongside a great team who taught me a lot of valuable knowledge on running a smooth and successful event.

When it comes to design, I have an equal love for both extravagance and simplicity. For most, budgets could be a big factor in stopping you from getting that one beeeautiful, expensive, one-of-a-kind goodie you've been eyeing for months. Don't get me wrong - I like going to high-end stores, finding those got-to-have-it items, but what I love most is rolling through lower-end stores, working with clients to create something even better without breaking the bank.


Events By K is a full service planning, design, and day of coordination company. I assist in every aspect of the planning from beginning to end.

Consultations: Consultations are mandatory in order to get a better understanding of my clients’ vision. Face-to-face interaction is my preferred method of communication, but for those who simply don’t have time, or if it’s more convenient considering location-wise, getting in contact via email or phone is still a great way to converse. In these consultations, I will work closely with my clients, covering everything from designs to budgets.

Planning and Preparation: Let me worry about the details; arranging venues, vendors, invitations, florals, fittings… you name it. I am here to shoulder all the stress and worry you normally get from planning and putting up and event. All I want my clients to worry about, is what time they should be there for.

Day of Event Coordination: I won’t leave you just yet, with invitation of course! From those unplanned mishaps, helping with prep and waitressing because the catering was understaffed or speed packing swag-bags because oops! they were in the back of the closet, forgotten. I will be there to take care of the high-blood pressure, hair-pulling problems, seamlessly and most importantly, quietly. My main goal is to ensure my clients not only create a beautiful event, but also able to enjoy the event.