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Hatter & Hare Photography, Hair and Makeup

Taylor Lucas

makeup artist

A Touch Of Madness...

I'm Taylor, I'm a qualified hairdresser in NSW with a passion for hair and makeup, I'm extending and adding to my training to pursue all of the things I love and combine them! I have recently started a small photography, hair and makeup business with my partner, the photographer, we want to eventually travel and adventure taking all of our skills along the way, and do something different every single day. I'd like to one day do hair and makeup for films/theatres/movies. But ultimately, I'm just living in the moment and seeing what opportunists come up and where they take me, that's how I'll always live. . (:


Hair (colouring, cutting, styling, anything in between!), Makeup and Photography.


Kody Jayne Jackson


I had the most wonderful hair cut looking exactly how I wanted it, oh and the best entertainment thanks to Kieran!

Hannah Mae