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Deborah Hofgartner

makeup artist

Deborah Hofgartner

Norman Wells, NT

Deb Did It

"Makeup should never be used to hide yourself
It should be used to Enhance your natural beauty"

I am an International Certified Makeup Artist, wife and your northern makeup and beauty “guru” currently based in Norman Wells NT Canada. My current clients today are daily makeup applications, Bridal and holiday makeup( Halloween, Christmas events, etc)

I wake up for Makeup!

I have loved makeup since I can remember, sitting in my sister’s bedrooms watching them get ready for hours was my kind of night/morning. I had always struggled with what job I wanted to end up in, and it being something that would make me happy doing every day, when little did I know Makeup Artistry was right under my nose. Nothing makes me happier than those 5 glorious words coming out of someones mouth " will you do my makeup"
I have always been the friend and family member at gatherings that completed everyone's makeup or hair:D I love to do it (even on the morning of my wedding) I would never turn someone down
I take great pride in my work and greatly appreciate all types of feedback.


Right now i offer daily services in my home town of Norman Wells NT

I offer services when I am in Ontario and will notify clients asap.


I absolutely loved having Deb do my makeup. I am pretty clueless when it comes to the subject and Deb was very patient with my questions. She was informative without overwhelming me,Her relaxed and warm nature put me at ease. I loved having my makeup done by Deb and m y friends and husband thought i looked great. She brightened me up and made me look polished. Thanks Deb

Amber Smulhearnith