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Diane Lyndon

interior redesigner

Diane Lyndon

Carrying Place, ON

Reflect, Refresh and Redesign

I am Diane Lyndon and excited to be a part of this world of redesign. Having redesigned and repurposed my way through years of different living spaces in various locations throughout Ontario, I am pleased to offer my ideas on downsizing, de-cluttering, repurposing and refreshing your space.

I recently downsized from a five bedroom home to a one bedroom home and found that you decorate by the "corner". It has been rewarding to glance in each direction and see how each item works to compliment the other in that area.

As the former owner of a Bed and Breakfast on the Saugeen River near Walkerton, the improvements I made to my Cape Cod style home increased the value by $100,000.
My kitchen was opened up to create an open area with an island and I refinished ancient cupboards that came from a store in Paisley. I took the colour scheme on the cabinets from the pattern in my china which was openly displayed. I also installed a Victorian clawfoot tub in the alcove of my bedroom. I have studied Floral Design at the University of Guelph, Ontario and learned the skills of balance and colour.

Previous to that, I was a marine electrician installing all the wiring and fixtures on cabin cruisers. I learned to work in very small spaces and create multifunctional items.


It is my dream to be able to assist those looking to downsize, to prepare their space by de-cluttering and repurposing items that resonate with them and then helping them to decorate their homes in a way that will enhance their lifestyle.