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Maria Kristina Gomez

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Maria Kristina Gomez


My name is Kristina Gomez. I am the proud owner of Caked Up, LLC. An online shop based in Honolulu, Hawaii. I was born and raised in the Philippines. At the age of 17, I moved to Los Angeles, California where I graduated as a Licensed Nurse in 2006. I am very blessed for my mom who worked really hard to be able to send me to school. Both my parents have taught me about earning and working for what I want.

My love for makeup.
I grew up in a household of women who loves makeup. I watched my aunties and grandma apply makeup and wait until they finish so they can put some on me. Ever since my interest for makeup just grew. Like most women, I do have quite a collection. Being a nurse and a mom, I realized that I needed something that is an “all day wear” makeup and less harmful ingredients. I did my research on products, tested and tried them on until I found the ones that suits the quality of the makeup I am looking for.

After endless nights of research and sourcing I finally launched Caked Up, LLC in 2014. The name Caked Up references a person with layers of makeup. But also, a cake is something beautiful, and an art. It has an ability to make a person feel special, celebrated and good. That's what I wanted to focus on, A product that defines and highlight a person’s beauty. I worked as a nurse during the day and when my kids are in school or asleep, that’s when I will do my work for Caked Up. I have that drive and excitement to make my dream happen. I slept late and wake up really early so I can accomplish a lot in a day. With my husband's support and contagious drive, I was able to pursue what I love to do.

And then Caked Up Kids came along.
I am a proud mom of 2. I had so much fun and passion creating Caked Up Cosmetics that I pushed through and created something that caters to children. My kids are my inspiration and motivation in this venture. More endless research and sourcing came. I invested so much time and dedication to make this happen and finally in 2016, I have Caked Up Kids.

I believe in improvement and growth. I value feedbacks from all our customers and it plays a great part of how I ran my business.

What I would love to share to Women and Mothers. I understand the difficulty of multi-tasking, and responsibilities that we have in a daily basis. 24 hours is not even enough. I believe in self-fulfillment, and having your own identity. In a very busy chaotic world, we always forget our own wellbeing. We cannot even enjoy a 5 minute shower without thinking of the next meal, the dance classes or the pile of laundry that we have waiting. But we all do this out of love.
Make it happen for you. Don’t live by default.


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