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Cheryl Voss - Personal Stylist

Cheryl Voss

personal stylist

Cheryl Voss


Sometimes all we need is a little tweak and a fresh change of perspective on how we dress and our image.

Every person is unique in their own way. Let me inspire you.

Hello. My name is Cheryl. I am Auckland based and travelling Personal Stylist.
Fashion is art and your body is the canvas. I would like to help you find your style, your outfit for a a special occasion or help you find the perfect gift.
Fashion stylist help create ensembles for celebrites, magazine spreads, television advertising campaigns as well as music videos. I want to do all the above and more.
I am a Makeup Artist, Fashion and Wardrobe stylist because ever since I was a little girl I loved clothes; I loved going shopping checking out the latest season and trend.
Ever since then I have had a passion for it and I wanted to do something that allowed me to do something that I loved. I liked giving my insight to a friend or family member when they were getting ready. I spend my time drooling over fashion blogs, other forms of art, fashion magazines and checking out the old as well as the new fashion on TV.
I beleive once you know you look great your self-esteem and confience will increase tremendously !


Meet and Greet Consultation – Free
- Let’s get to know your wardrobe in Depth.
- How do you want me to help you?
- Analysing your body type and what clothes are flattering for your figure

Wardrobe Analysis - $100(About 1 hour)
- Conduct analysis on existing wardrobe
- Identify gaps
- Plan shopping trip

Colour Analysis - $100 (About 1 hour)
This is highly recommended as getting to know your true style. You will learn
- Your colour group and intensity of colours
- Personalised colour deck
- Which are your best lightest to darkest neutrals
- How to wear texture, print, fabrics and accessory colours
- How to wear colours that you love not in your colour palette
- Advice on selection of make up – Lipstick, foundation, blush, eye shadow & nail colour

Wardrobe Rehab / From $200
(Includes Travel costs within the Auckland CBD region only)
To craft a versatile wardrobe in which we make careful decisions are made about which pieces should stay and which should go.
This is not about throwing away your clothes, the goal being that your wardrobe is full of outfits that you love wearing that flatter you.
- Learning how to create and co- ordinate pieces you already own into current outfits for the season
- Discover where your gaps are, how to dress for your body shape, colours and the current seasonal looks that work for you.
- We will record an inventory of what you have, create outfits and a shopping list and recommendations where to shop
Expect to feel inspired and excited with more outfit options and ideas from a wardrobe that was once brimmed with clothes and you still felt you had nothing to wear.

Seasonal Style and Wardrobe Review / Allow 1.5 Hours $150
(This includes travel costs around the Auckland CBD region)
- A shopping list will be created and recommendations made to the latest current looks that best suit you.
This is highly recommended at the fall of a season or at least yearly after an initial Wardrobe Rehab appointment.

Personal Shopping
2 Hours/ $200
$100 per hour
(Includes parking and travel costs around the Auckland CBD region)
Time Poor and hate the thought of Shopping, let along getting amongst it?
You have come to the right place as I will do all the sorting and running around for you.
- Prior to the shopping appointment, a shopping itinerary is created based on your style goals
- Research and a ‘pre-shop’ has already been done prior to your shopping day and garments are placed on hold in your style, size and colour.
(There is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything on a shopping trip and you may even wish to return at your leisure to retry the outfits).
I would also love to pass onto you my exclusive stylist discount from selected fashion retailers. In some instances, the discounts offered covered the costs of our shopping service!

First time customer? Recieve 10% off your next session and 15% for every person that signs up and gets involved to use my services.
(Gift vouchers available)