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How? to Wow!

Kimberly DiLego

event planner, wedding planner

Kimberly DiLego

Marlborough, MA

It's no wonder how many ways I can wow your event.

From scheduling and facilitating craft hours at a family campground, to stage managing in high school theatre, to being a store manager in retail, I knew my skills and talents were up for a challenge. Event planning is always what I was meant to do, and it wasn't until I planned my best friend's baby shower that I realized this. I love exploring themes and learning about all the fun ways to mix and match colors. An 80s themed birthday party? A corporate luau? An Under the Sea themed wedding? I want to try them all!

I come from the heart of the Berkshire in Massachusetts, though I now call Marlborough my home. My grandmother taught me everything she knew about crafts and taught me how to DIY anything. Annual felt or glass Christmas ornaments evolved into large, wooden displays when I joined high school theatre as a stage manager and set designer. Of course, whether I was teaching a dozen 7-year-olds how to glue googly eyes on a pine cone or was maintaining after school rehearsal schedules for my colleagues, I needed to be able to plan and organize people, time, and materials in order to get the job done. Working three years in retail helped me gain experience in communicating with customers in order to fulfill their goals as well as keep the store neat and professional. A friend of mine approached me during the summer of 2015 asking if I was willing to help her plan her baby shower, since I am "the most organized and creative person" she knew. Halfway into the process, she commented that I should do event planning for a living, since I really seemed to love what I was doing and had the skills to do it. I truly believe event planning is my calling and everything I have done leading up to this moment was only to prepare me for a fantastic future.


One to two hour consultation sessions to get to know each other and talk about the goals for the desired event. Consultations are included with all other services but do not require a commitment. I can offer information and advice on planning as well as decor for all types of events. Consultations can take place in my office, in the client's home, or at an agreed outside venue. The more comfortable the client, the better!

Partial-Planning or Co-op Planning
If you are looking only for help with certain parts of your event or need an extra pair of hands to help with your current staff, I am available for partial-planning or co-op planning. Both types of service require a consultation so that the expectations are clear on both ends.

Basic Event Planning
This service covers the basic requirements to help your event be successful. This includes booking venues, entertainment, catering, etc., keeping track of a guest list, meeting up for fittings or tastings, and more. An initial consultation will be useful in understanding expectations on both sides, setting up payment plans, and exploring various options to turn your event dreams into reality.

Premium Event Planning
This service covers not only planning and communication, but also certified decor services. Along with all of the services in Basic Event Planning, I will help decorate your event so that it is as close to your imagination as physically possible. Decor services include setting up tableware, making custom invitations and party favors, and flower arranging as well as much more. An initial consultation will be useful in understanding expectations on both sides, setting up payment plans, and exploring various options to make your event truly spectacular. It will have you going How? to Wow! by the time the event takes place.