Holistic Health Design

Henrietta Bacso

feng shui consultant

I had my first contact with Feng Shui at the age of 27.
I used to live in Mexico for two years and I went to a course where I learnt how to heal people with energy.It was kind a Reiki.
The end of the course my teacher gave me a book of Feng Shui.
I was really interested by this different view of the interior designing. I really believed that a person's environment affects their wealth ,health ,relationship etc....
My mother taught me to respect of my "non-living" things like music player for example... She told me they have feeling too.
When I read about in Feng Shui book it was not a surprise for me just a natural belief
After that I bought some books about Feng Shui and design my home.But I always felt that I need to learn about that more deeply.
Not so long after I started to study interior design,but end of the school I knew already that it's not that what I really want to do in my life .
What I really want to build that's the soul of a home.
In the future my plans also include an astrological training course.
Then the picture will be completed.