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Sophie Tumber

Sophie Tumber


Sophie Tumber is a Kent based make-up artist who specialises in special occasion make-up and special effects make-up services. Sophie offers bespoke, professional services, tailored to suit the needs of each individual client.

Sophie attended Canterbury Christ Church University where she gained an honours degree in Performing Arts. Her extensive theatre background progressed throughout her time at university, and her extra curricular activities here only further confirmed her career aspirations to become a make-up artist. After graduating from university in September 2015, Sophie enrolled at QC Make Up Academy, where she studied Master Make Up Artistry and Special Effects Make Up.

Sophie has been passionate about make-up from a young age; most notably from the age of 16 when she took a shop assistant role in her local costume shop. Here she spent most of her shifts daydreaming about the characters she could create using the products and cosmetics on the shop floor, hoping to one day fulfil that dream as a career. Since discovering her passion for make-up artistry, Sophie has taken every opportunity she can to work within the industry; working on two industry standard musicals 'Zombie Prom', and 'The Witches of Eastwick' at The Quarterhouse, in Folkestone, Kent. She has also worked as face painter for childrens parties and charity events as well as working closely with folk and country band, Orfila on their music video shoots.


Sophie offers a range of make-up services from romantic bridal applications, to theatrical special effects applications.

Sophie offers a professional, polite and personal approach to her work - from home, or travelling to meet a client elsewhere. She will work closely with all clients, with a number of consultations to create the perfect look - starting with brainstorming ideas with the client, and moving onto experimenting with colour and texture, before finalising the look and creating something that the client will adore.

Sophie uses a variety of products - both drugstore and luxury brand items that she has personally tried and tested in order to ensure the best quality for her clients. She works hard in all situations to create the perfect experience for all clients, creating the best possible end result for any occasion where it's a glamorous, gothic or gory one!


I'm in band with my brother and sister and Sophie was the make up artist for one of our music videos. She is such a lovely, positive, bubbly person to have around and really made me feel confident in what she was doing and in her ideas for our make up. She was very keen on matching the mood of the song and video. I get very paranoid about my make up, especially my eyes - I always perform with eyeliner across the lid of my eye with a smokey look for eye shadow. I normally do my own make up for everything but Sophie made me feel so comfortable and sure about the face that she knew what she was doing. She had all of the tools as well! All of the shades of eye shadow imaginable in a huge case with compartments for every product and brush - perfectly arranged, clean and organised. Exactly what you want. When we arrived on set, Sophie's job was to get us made up and ready as soon as possible so we could get filming. She had been there all day with the actress that featured in the music video and I could tell she had put a lot of thought into what was being asked of her. She really got into what she was doing and had traveled miles to be there to be part of it all. As soon as I sat in the make up chair, she explained the look she'd come up with, which was perfect - I had smokey eyes with eyeliner across the lid! (Perfectly shaped too) along with foundation, blusher, highlighter - all kinds of amazing products that I wasn't familiar with. I'm not great with make up and what to use when and where, so she explained everything to me as she applied. It was very reassuring to know that she knows her stuff, and so confidently too! After the shoot day, and once the video had been edited and finalized, I was so over the moon with how our make up looked on, and off of the camera. I feel like it really brought out each of our features and just gave the look of the video the finishing touch it needed. Make up can be so powerful and I feel that Sophie captured the mood perfectly. Nothing over the top, but so well in keeping with the theme. I know we will be definitely asking Sophie to be our make up artist for as many projects as possible as I think she's fantastic at what she does!

Louise Orfila.