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SAW- Fashion Stylish

Amintip Towachcharakul

personal stylist

Amintip Towachcharakul

Sydney, NSW

Classic for walks of life

Hi There, I am Amin , I am from Thailand ,24 years old, i was born with being dressed up by my mother she is a hairdresser since then I'm fascinate about make me and fashion that make me know what my life want to be in the future is fashion stylish I love creating new looks for people, hiding imperfections and highlighting your most beautiful features


Wardrobe Consultation it will assist you to make the most out of existing pieces by enabling better mixing, matching and accessorizing
Style and Body Analysis teaching all the body type what clothing styles and cuts are best suited to your figure
Personal Stylist Shopping Trip we will accompany you on a shopping trip and will advise you on appropriate styles for your body shape, personal requirements and coloring. Consideration will be made for your needs, budget and lifestyle. Shopping with an expert and seasoned shopper will take the stress out of finding the perfect clothing styles and accessories.
Special Occasion / Event Stylingfinding that special outfit to compliment your body and coloring or alternatively work with you and your dress maker to ensure that the style is the perfect cut, fabric and fit for your body.
Color ConsultationEnsuring that you look your best everyday in colors that enhance your natural features will have you looking and feeling vibrant and alive.