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Sharnee Van Kuyck

Sharnee Van Kuyck

Hello, I'm Sharnee Van Kuyck, I'm just a student, currently, but I want to hopefully get into the movie makeup industry...

I'm 22 years old. I finished and graduated high school, and had since been a carer for my mother the last few years while she was very ill and could not do much on her own, but she is now better, so now I am trying to work my way to what I want to achieve.

I regularly do costuming or cosplaying as a hobby, so I have dabbled in special effects makeup before, as well as normal formal makeup, but very basic, and guess work really, and I am forever practicing new things on myself or my friends and willing to learn new things all the time.


I currently have no services to offer as of yet for I am a mere student with no professional experience.