Happily Ever After

Bethany Hilliard

event planner, wedding planner

Bethany Hilliard
Minden, ON

Keep Calm and Leave it up to Me

My name is Bethany Hilliard and I am a soon to be certified Event/Wedding Planner. I am looking forward to finishing my course and pursuing my career in the planning industry and making my clients happy by helping make their dream event/wedding into a reality.

I am currently enrolled with QC Event School in becoming a certified Wedding/Event Planner. My educational background also includes a Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management so I am fairly familiar with the tourism industry. My experience includes being a Link Crew member for 2 years in Secondary School by organizing games and events for first year students, being part of the event team for an Athletic Banquet in College, help organizing baby showers and bridal showers for close families and friends, and lastly being a hostess at Taboo Resort.
In Secondary School I was a Link Leader where we helped and assisted Grade 9s in their first year of school. I had my own group of Grade 9’s and I gave tours and played games throughout the year. It was a great experience as I got to be a leader and be a guide for others.
Being part of St. Lawrence College Athletic Banquet in My job include attending meetings, writing the minutes and being part of the décor team by researching estimate prices and gathering decorations for the event. I was also part of the banquet by checking guests off guest list and made sure athletes who were under the age of drinking wore bracelets. When it came to the end of the event I helped tear down the event from centre pieces to all the decorations.
As a hostess at Taboo Resort I assist guests to their table presenting them with the proper menu and making sure they are satisfied with any requests. Taking note in any concerns the guests have such allergies, special occasion they wish to celebrate, or if in a rush. Look after the lounge and answer guests’ questions and concerns such as where their meetings and lunches are located, their food options etc. Also help cleaning making sure the lounge, hostess stand and the dining room is clean and tidy, table setting is set proper and the kitchen is clean.


The services that I plan to offer is a complete service for my clientele. My complete service will include consultation, planning and preparation and the day of event coordination. With my client I will start with a free consultation by getting to know my client and what is there purpose of the event and how we can achieve it by giving advice to them. Next we will begin the planning and preparation of the event by arranging venues, suppliers and invitations. Lastly, is the day of the event coordination by attending the event and overseeing and troubleshooting when necessary during the event to make sure everything runs smoothly as possible, this will include the clean up as well at the end of the event.