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Shannon Conlon

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Shannon Conlon


Wedding and Event Planning in South East England

Hello, my name is Shannon Conlon, and I am a wedding and event planner based in Braintree, Essex in South East England. Before now, I completed my high school education and went on to work in retail for four years, trying to find my feet and find my passion.
After planning my first party, I found myself enthralled by the thought of planning an event from start to finish and seeing the end result after all the hard work took place. My approach for event planning is to take your ideas, requirements and desires, and turn them into a vision, allowing you to view the end result in your mind and truly be in the moment before it’s there, creating that feeling of Pure Bliss. Allow me to transform your dreams into reality and create memories that will last forever!

Hello, my name is Shannon Conlon, and I am a wedding and event planner based in Braintree, Essex in South East England. Before becoming an event and wedding planner, I completed my high school education and went on to work in retail for 4 years in various different sectors, simply trying to find my feet. Whilst working in my most recent job in an Opticians as an Optical Consultant, I decided to plan a surprise party for my father for his birthday, only two months away at the time, and I can honestly say that it was the best idea I have ever had, everything went to plan and ran smoothly and all planning was done by myself.
This is where I found a real love for party planning, and since then I have wanted to be able to be a part of a special day for someone; whether it be a party, a function or even a wedding, putting in the hard work for the planning and then seeing the finished result and seeing the happiness that a well put together event can create is well worth any stress that comes along with party planning.
I hope that together, with your ideas and my visions and creativity, we can create a mind blowing, perfect experience that really will be Pure Bliss!

... Shannon x



My services include:
-Full event planning
-Partial event planning
-Full & partial wedding planning
-Event/Wedding design

Full Event planning:
My full event planning services include everything you could ever need for planning an event; I will meet with you to discuss your ideas and your visions for the event, I will then take some time to myself to research, contact suppliers/retailers/caterers etc and feed back to you within 7 days of our initial consultation to inform you of my ideas so far. After this, any further organising will be done by myself while ensuring you, as my client, remain central to any and all decisions made every step of the way. The full event planning package includes everything from start to finish, which means all you have to do is sit back, relax and look forward to the day itself!
Partial Event planning:
The partial event planning services include as much or as little planning as you want! This is a flexible package allowing you to control the amount of help you receive from myself; if you would like someone to make the phone calls to companies/retailers/suppliers, or someone to take care of pricing/budgets or booking DJ’s or photographers then the flexible partial event planning services are ideal for you. During our initial consultation we will discuss what it is you need from me, then we will go forward from there and if you decide you would like any extra help, or a little less, then we can discuss that along the way. If you just need a helping hand with planning an event, the partial event planning package is for you!
Full wedding planning package:
The full wedding planning package includes anything and everything you need for planning your dream wedding, from start to finish, this package is guaranteed to create your big day exactly how you envision it and create memories that will last a lifetime! This package includes any and all planning for the wedding, from the venue, to the Dj, photographer and catering etc, but also the design and décor as well.
Partial wedding planning package:
If you would just like a helping hand in staying organised whilst planning your big day, then the partial wedding planning package is right up your street! During our initial consultation we will discuss your needs and requirements and decide exactly what you need from me as your wedding planner and I will do my very best to fulfil those needs and create your dream day with you in mind.
Event/wedding design:
If you are happy planning your event but would like a helping hand just with designing and décor, then this package is for you! A lot of people enjoy party/wedding planning, but aren’t sure where to start with the design and décor. Just like with all my other packages, we would begin with an initial consultation, to decide on how I can help you, then the design process will start. I can take some ideas from you, do some research and put together some ideas and feed back to you within 14 days of the initial consultation to discuss my findings.
All of these packages offer a personal and bespoke experience, I know how much it means to get it right, please allow me to help you achieve a well put together, beautifully designed event or wedding and help you to make the memories that will last forever.

Please note: all services offered require an initial consultation at a minimum of an hour so I can properly assess your requirements. Fees may vary, please contact me for more details.