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Milena Sciborowska

event planner, wedding planner

Milena Sciborowska


Unique memories for unique people

Everyone deserves a perfect day; making sure that everything will run smoothly as planned is my specialization. I will help you create a unique and memorable day, which yourself; your friends and family, or even your business partners will talk about for a long time. Planning a day is more than just a job, for me, it’s what puts a smile on my face. I always give 100 % of myself. Being creative and precise helped me to achieve a lot in my life.

Since college, I had this great passion for planning weddings and events. Even though I'm quite young, I do not see it as negativity, but rather a bonus. I have thousands of ideas, not having a lot of clients as of yet, I could provide my whole time for my clients enquiry. Currently studying my wedding and events course has opened my eyes to so many different opportunities; I am an opened individual with fantastic people skills, waiting for a challenge to take me to a higher level of knowledge and experience.


The services would depend on my client. Mainly I would be organising weddings, however the list can expand greatly from Birthday's, to anniversary parties, conference meeting, seasonal meals, and many more. Each customer would have the opportunity to fill out an enquiry form. From then, once the contract would be signed, they would receive their own tailored folder, full with their ideas and thoughts of how they would like their event to be run. The folder can be easily adjusted throughout the time before confirming anything with the suppliers. It is really important for me, for my customers to receive an excellent customer service, at the end of the day it is all about them. Each package price would be fitted well with my client’s budget, offering a low deposit of 15%, which is the best offer in the UK’s market.
You can email me today for a free quotation, and that’s where your journey would begin.