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Aislenn Hill

makeup artist

Aislenn Hill

Washington Township, NJ

Bringing Out You're Inner Beautiful

Hi! My name is Aislenn.
I'm a freelance makeup artist mainly in the NY/NJ/CT area but i'm willing to travel anywhere if you really like my work!
I really want my clients to regain their confidence after i work on them. It's important that women feel beautiful in their own skin and realize that they always were beautiful.

I graduated high school when i was 16 and spent (and i still continue) 4 years in full time volunteer work. I decided to take up makeup classes because it's a very potential field in the nj/ny area mostly. i am currently a student at qc makeup academy and enjoy every minute of it. I am an aspiring makeup artist. Everything that i know about makeup is from QC and being self-taught.


I am a freelance makeup artist but i like to do weddings and any other special event that you might want your makeup done for. Or if you simply want to host a 'girl's night' i would be more then welcome to come and give a couple hour lesson. If you have any more questions and for pricing then please contact me at my email address provided and/or my phone number.