Heavenly Events

Angelina Neese

event planner, wedding planner

Angelina Neese
Cedar Key, FL

So easy for you that it's heavenly!

Hello, my name is Angelina, your event planner. I will give advice, plan from beginning to end and make necessary reservations while finding the best deals!

I come from the small island town of Cedar Key, FL. I have been paid and volunteered to plan, set up, decorate, and host various parties. I love doing this, especially the decorating and hosting! I have an eye for details and a creative mind. I am currently studying with QC Career School amd with their learning tools, I will be one of the best event planners in all of Florida.


I provide a start to finish package or bits and pieces. I do like to decorate but if it is out of my league, I will hire a professional.