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Mujda Faqiri

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From "I love you", to "I DO"

Scrambling and searching, for "What I want to be when I grow up", I came to a decision: Event planner. I would like to make a day, a day to remember for lifetime. Birthdays, Baby showers, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries, any event you want to make memorable, I would love to help you. An event planner is there to take away all the stresses and complications that come with planning an event. Often brides are faced with a mountain of things to organize and don't know where to start. Moments for a Lifetime is a professional event coordinating service that uses only the top suppliers in the business to make your big day truly special.

Mujda Faqiri
November 7th 1988, my parents were blessed with their first child, Me. My name was chosen by my grandfather. Mujda: meaning good news. I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, but left my homeland when I was 1 year old, which brings me here to Vancouver, Canada. I graduated with honors standing February 2006 from LA Matheson Secondary School. And as I continued walking up the stairs of life, I graduated from QC Wedding Planning Program and got my Diploma. At the same time I recently got my Paralegal Diploma. In life I faced many challenges and many obstacles. And thanks to my ego boosters I got through each day. And as I continue going up the mountains and working my way up, there are many more challenges that will come up. I may not be someone today, but for tomorrow and days to come, I am going to be a better person.


As a professional event planners in Vancouver, I pay attention to my clients style, their individual budget and their ideas to create a unique event. Moments of a Lifetime has got the contacts, knows the best places, gets the best deals and can handle the endless string of details.
I know planning an event can be a big production. Choosing the venue, decorating and planning the perfect meal are just the first few steps. With your ideas and my visions, we can create the perfect atmosphere for your guests. Moments of a Lifetime is here to cater to your needs while staying within your budget. Whatever the event may be; your wedding day, your anniversary, your engagement, or a themed party, I am here to help you plan.
Moments of a Lifetime is here to take your stress away. ..

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