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Beauty by Ruthiekins

Ruth Sarai Ariza Virgen

makeup artist

Ruth Sarai Ariza Virgen

Antioch, CA

Bringing out inner beauty one brush stroke at a time.

Hi there! My name is Ruth, but I like to go by Ruthiekins. I am 22, and a mommy to a one year old. I have a strong passion for art and makeup. I’d like to think my skills are a mixture of natural talent and things I’ve picked up here and there. I feel like everyday I learn something new and working with clients is a very special thing for me. I like to make conversation, teach a few tips and tricks of my own, and share with them a little piece of my life. So when the makeup application is done, they walk away with a new level of confidence, some new makeup tricks or knowledge of how to apply their makeup, and a little piece of me.

Growing up, my mom worked for Mary Kay. I remember I always loved to look at the new products she got, and sometimes she would let me play with some of the samples. I always had a thing for makeup but never truly developed an interest in it until I got to my sophomore year in high school and I began to experiment with color and eyeshadow. Its pretty embarrassing but I remember that at the time, I liked to match my eyeshadow to whatever I was wearing. I was the go-to girl when it came to makeup and I actually did a few makeovers on some of my friends. There was a specific thing that made me realize that this was something I wanted to do. I came to this realization after doing a fundraiser at school in which people donated money for our fashion club and with their donation they chose who would get a makeover. The teacher that won was already gorgeous on her own, but that day we made her feel and look like a princess and the feeling of boosting her confidence was so incredible.

As far as education goes, I am working on the Master Makeup Artistry Course from QC Makeup Academy.

Experience that I have, well I've been doing people's makeup since I posted a picture of myself wearing makeup. My fashion club actually did a fashion show and I did hair and makeup for most of the models. I've also dolled up a few brides including myself and my bridesmaids. Overall, my experience applying makeup is that of 7 years.


For the time being, I am only doing makeup application for any occasion including but not limited to: Weddings, Quinceaneras, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Learning/Lesson Makeovers, and Photography.

Services include cleansing and moisturizing of the face, tweezing the eyebrows if needed and learning demo of makeup application. False lashes can be applied at an extra cost.