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Kristen LeBlanc

home stager, interior decorator

Kristen LeBlanc

Burlington, ON

I am an interior design and decorating graduate candidate with a diverse background in design. I am passionate about making spaces functional and tailored to those who live in them. Developing a space that is inspired by the client’s needs and style requires excellent communication and planning skills. With my background in business development, I have supported many business and professionals in attaining their goals. When working with clients on projects, I strive for excellence placing importance on the client’s requirements while managing budgets and timelines.

Fifteen years ago, I started designing sets for community theatre including furniture making, placement, set design, building and painting. I then moved onto a focus in commerce, designing promotional marketing materials and advertisements for various professional services. More recently, my focus is on improving the acoustics in commercial, medical and hospitality spaces.

I have been fortunate to have a career path that allowed me to be both strategic and creative. With formal education in commerce, I have over five years’ experience working in a marketing and business development capacity. Working with small business owners on their marketing strategies from creative concepts to full advertising campaigns; to working with large scale professional practices growing their client list through business development tactics. I also have a background in community theatre, with a focus on stage management and set design and development. With formal training in stage design, I have expertise in painting methods, furniture design and layout. I have recently carried over these skills to residential design and decorating, with the goal of creating beautiful and functional spaces within the home.