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Nwakaego Amorha

makeup artist

Nwakaego Amorha


Be confident, Be you.

RoséeByNwaka was conceived 2011 as a cosmetic outfit majoring in makeup retail but has now been expanded to include makeup services. The name RoséeByNwaka is a mixture of the words rosée (French name for dew or dewy) and Nwaka (short form of my name Nwakaego). At RoséeByNwaka we believe that every woman is beautiful irrespective of age, colour or skin-tone and that with the right makeup application can be as refreshed and as dewy as can be.
Our mission remains to restore every womans' or mans' confidence in their own skin. And our vision is to become one of the best makeup services vendor in the world.


At RoséeByNwaka, we offer a great collection of makeup services that are specially tailored to the needs of the following,
- brides and their parties.
- actors and presenters for theater and TV and film.
- models for runway shows and editorials.
- the everyday woman.
- the everyday man.
We also offer makeup consultations and reviews and head-gear (gele) tying.
Our services are open to Nigerians all around the country especially to those in the west.
My name is AMORHA, Nwakaego. I'm a wife, a mother, a friend and your makeup artist in-waiting.