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Maria Bonilla

personal stylist

Maria Bonilla

Miami,Virginia, FL

Hello my name is Maria Bonilla, A Miami native but live back and forth from Miami & Virginia. Fashion shapes and colors are my passion. Living back and forth from Miami a very very humid hot city but it has taught me a thing or too on how to dress fabulous for 100 degree summer day. Now also living in Virginia in the winter has its freezing days but I find them amazing since fashion takes over winter days and that includes leather jackets and layering clothes . Take a walk with me on the fashion side and explore colors seasons and shapes. Dressing doesn't have to become a chore or a hectic daily thing, what we wear should speak volumes and always make a statement!!!!


• Evaluation/Consultation $150 – All services start with a one on one consultation, the initial meeting is set up to evaluate the clients personal style and wardrobe needs

• Personal Styling $300HR/2 hour min – One on one session with client sorting out daily or future wardrobe ideas, be it for work or a night out. Or simply revamping an old look

• Closet makeover $550 – Throughout the years we tend to hold tight to out dated clothes, shoes etc that’s where I come in and sort out the old and outdate and make space for new wardrobe and useful everyday style. Making sure everything is organized to perfection and easy to store and find on a hectic day.

• Gift shopping $200 HR – A busy client in need of a gift for a family member or business occasion. I will assist in choosing the appropriate gift in my client’s budget in a timely matter.

• Virtual Stylist $175 HR – Out of town and need assistance on what to wear for that special occasion. No problem I am just a Skype call away!! My client can call or schedule a facetime or Skype call at anytime and I will assist on what and how to wear the perfect outfit

• Personal shopping $300 HR – Shopping is a hassle at times wondering what pairs with what & what colors are in this season. Clients might be busy and suggest I go alone and trust my fashion sense to pick out key essentials for their wardrobe or they join me on the adventure of helping them feel and look impeccable.