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Teresa Rushden


the begining of beauty

At Eden touch you are guaranteed the best service. Eden touch staff are trained and therefore are aware of individual satisfactory from our client and we aim to satisfy those needs. our services are trustworthy and we will offer an experience you will always remember.

Am an upcoming makeup artist based in the city of London UK. I decided to change my career and divert into makeup as that's where my passion really is. Prior to deciding to becoming a makeup artist, i was studying law which i enjoyed however i believe when you have a passion for something, it overwhelms your heart to an extend where you have to fulfill its desire. I believe everything is a form of art so to me makeup is rather fascinating as it has no limitation to how far one can go with it. Make up artistry is a profession whereby you don't just need to focus on a particular aspect if you don't want its much to broaden than most profession. Being a makeup artist you get to work with different people of different ethnic group this is important as you get to learn the likes and donts of different cultures.I particularly enjoy coming in contact with people i love colours that's why i feel its the best career choice for me.


Though i have my own different shades foundations, clients are absolutely free to request me to use their own makeup as at times some clients know what their skins are comfortable with. Am able to travel to where the clients wish me to come. prices vary based on occasions please contact for more details on prices offered. Eden touch caters to the following services to name a few

skin consultation
wedding makeup