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Christina Anne Caldwell

wedding planner

Christina Anne Caldwell

Brazoria, Galveston, and parts of Harris County, TX

No matter what the occasion, always know it will be complete....Brilliance

mem⋅o⋅ra⋅ble:Synonyms:1.noteworthy, impressive, celebrated.  

Hello! My name is Christina Anne Caldwell. I am a professional wedding and event planner with extensive experience in helping you to make your special day a memorable one. From weddings to special events, I work hard to find the perfect match for you. From period attire to the most extravagant ballrooms. From freshly picked wild flower bouquets to a simple get-together in a garden setting. I take the time to sit down and get to know my clients and find what’s right for you. Any time is a good time for Brilliance!

A Little Bit About Me:

In high School I excelled in the theatrical arts and English Literature. I was cast and lead in several plays extending out to performances at the Dickens on the Strand Festival in Galveston TX. I enjoyed the miraculous works from William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and many other historical authors. Not long following High School, I attended college, taking courses in business, accounting, anatomy and physiology, etc. and soon acquired my license in the medical field for therapeutic purposes. My clients came from all walks of life and I had fun experiencing the virtues of running my own business. Not long after, I spent my days working as a chef for a four diamond small luxury hotel in central Texas While schooling for wedding and event planning along with a few other interests of my own. It was a large and fantastically explosive time in my life. I was quickly learning my way through a restaurant kitchen, how to manage the surrounding staff, and how our high class guests expected their stay and food to be presented to them. The rooms were kept immaculate under the white glove standard. Presentation was a large part of my work. Somehow I have managed to work my experience as a seamstress in there and WOW, I've enjoyed every minute of these fantastic adventures and learned a lot in that time and the moments surrounding that period in my life. Needless to say, I have spent most of my years working in the hospitality industry. I am also currently a Travel Agent as well. with certifications as a Hawaii Destination Specialist. Knowing how to please the customer and listening to their needs wants and expectations is key to a good business.


Brilliance is a wedding and event coordinating service that is here for you! We strive to piece together the right setting for the right people.

The way We work: First, give us a call and set up an appt. to meet with you and whomever else will be involved in the payment and/or planning of the event.

Next, One of our staff will meet with you either at our office or at a convenient location for both to discuss what your expectations are for the event we will be planning and the amount you are willing to spend.

Third, We will go over a contract that will be signed by our coordinator and you, and third person if necessary, guaranteeing our best work and your payment in full.

Fourth, A deposit of 50% of total amt. will be applied by you the client towards your fantastical event awaiting to be planned.

Fifth, We will begin the process of making phone calls to vendors and negotiating prices for all of the arrangements to make your event a special one and still get the best prices available to us.

Sixth, You should expect us to be in constant communication with you or another party that is assisting you in the planning so every aspect can be discussed and applied to your liking.

Seventh, Vendors will also be kept in contact with to assure nothing will go wrong on your special day.

Eighth, The set up begins. This can often be several days before the actual event takes place depending on the size, location, and many other factors. Vendors may begin delivering the orders, flowers, decorations, food, tables, glassware, etc. Every aspect is to be approved by our trained staff.

Ninth, We will bring in you, the client, to observe the set up and add last minute minor details, or simply approve the fantastic work of our staff and vendors.

Tenth, The event begins. Its that time that we have all been waiting for. The guests start to pour in and the party has taken off to a wonderful start.

Finally, The party is over and the remaining balance is to be paid by you, the client, so that we may pay our staff and vendors for all their hard work in getting the orders there on time and in beautiful shape. Then, we take care of the rest while you sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Congratulations! You have just experienced Brilliance!

Please contact our offices for more information on our services and pricing.