Ceremonious Creations

Camille Jacinto

event planner, wedding planner

Camille Jacinto
Brownsville, TX

Milestones only come once in a lifetime, so make it Ceremonious.

Events are a celebration, a social gathering- like a ceremony. Birthdays, weddings, award recognitions, retirements- these ceremonies are what we will all have an experience with as they are milestones in life, and because we will go through these same milestones, they should be unique- just the way “u” want them to be. That is where Ceremonious Creations comes in.

My name is Camille Jacinto, and I am currently working on becoming a certified international event and wedding professional (IEWP). After helping my mom plan for my sister's Frozen-themed birthday party and seeing how happy my sister was after the party, I wanted to plan other people's parties and special events for a living. So, I decided to become certified. I want to make sure I plan events in the most effective way possible, and I enrolled myself into the QC Event School. With my Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication and Associate's degree in Business Administration, I will create events that are ceremonious- grand and formal-looking as possible- in consideration of your budget.


Event planning, wedding planning, corporate events