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Design Well Done

Valentyna Loginova

color consultant, home stager, interior decorator, interior redesigner

Valentyna Loginova

Richmond Hill, ON

Your next door decorator

We all love to live in beautiful and functional spaces. If we choose to sell the property, we wish to make a profit. These are two primary objectives of interior design.

I am Valentyna. I am the principal designer and owner of DESIGN WELL DONE - a boutique interior decoration firm that helps customers to achieve these objectives. Recognized for a strong sense of color, proportion and style, I provide my customers with expert advice on colors, furniture, finishes, accessories, organization, functional spaces, de-cluttering, and making properties appealing for the market. I will assist with furniture and accessories selection, sourcing, ordering, delivery, and installation. I have developed a solid understanding of the qualities and properties of different materials and finishes. In addition, I recommend carefully selected trade professionals to my customers.

I am a certified professional accountant with experience working for corporations, so my customers will benefit from my expertise in budgeting and project management.
I started my "decorating journey" by making costly mistakes in decorating my own home, so I understand customers’ worries, doubts, and frustration. I encourage clients never to settle for a mediocre choice. I am an exceptional problem solver; I deal with challenges as opportunities to learn from experience. As a service provider, I am easy to work with and down-to-earth - you could call me “your next door decorator”. I comfortably co-exist with my glamorous colleagues with my approach as a “next door decorator” offering a winning combination of creativity, budgeting expertise, and project management skills.

No project is too small for my firm. Be it choosing paints for one room or staging a 3,000 sq.ft. house for sale, DESIGN WELL DONE makes customers’ decoration dreams come true.

Indeed, DESIGN WELL DONE is a one-stop destination where interior decorating projects are assessed as projects of optimization. I aim for the most beautiful interior while considering realistic constraints such as the layout of the property and the time and resources available.

I live with my husband. Our son lives separately. I am accountant, have CPA designation. Currently, I am working as a finance manager for mining exploration Company in downtown Toronto.

Originally, we are from Kiev, Ukraine, immigrated to Canada in 1995. My parents and my husband’s brother are still in Ukraine, my younger sister with her husband and son lives in Los Angeles, U.S.A.

I always enjoyed visiting model homes and admired how balanced and attractive they are. After approximately 10 years in my house, I wanted to change a lot in it. I was so overwhelmed with colors and design choices that hired a decorator to help me. She gave me very good advices I could see how my house was transformed once I followed her advices and how everybody complimented me on the results. Since then I started to read more about interior design principles, browse different web sites, make my own changes to my house. I also started to make mental notes to MLS listed properties on how I could improve them. So, I felt that interior design was becoming my hobby so I decided to develop it further.

If I am successful with the QC Design course, I want to promote myself to real-estate agents and make few dollars doing staging business part-time.


 Superior skills in organization and de-cluttering
 Good understanding of the real estate market and buyer expectations
 Expert knowledge of finishing materials, plumbing, and lighting fixtures
 Experience with space and furniture planning
 Professional advice on colors, draperies, accessories, and artwork
 Support to clients with doubts and frustrations associated with the projects
 Experience managing complex and challenging projects
 Committed focus on each project
 Attention to detail
 Precise and accurate budgeting