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Ashley Ross

personal stylist

Ashley Ross

Temple, GA

ANR Fashion & Photography. Where beauty comes to life.

Are you wanting a new or updated style? Look no further. I can help you find it. You don't have to spend all your money on the newest trendy style. I can help you find the style and look you're so eager to have without having to spend all you're money. I can help you to understand your body type and what works best for you.

My name is Ashley and I am a fashion stylist. I have created timeless looks for special occasions as well as every day looks. Im here to help you with all the fashion advice and help you are looking for to complete the looks that catch your eye.
Location: Atlanta, Georgia


Fashion Consulting- I will sit down with the client to talk about the style and vision he or she is admiring. Talk about what looks will work well with the body type of the client as well as the colors that will best suit them. Getting an idea and coming to an agreement with the client on the styles he or she is thriving to wear will help me to give suggestions on looks that will make the client happy. $175 (takes up to 2 hours)
Closet Edit- During this appointment I will assess the clients wardrobe providing the best advice for certain clothing as far as what works best paired together and what should go and what they should look into purchasing. $225 (takes up to 2 hours, but larger wardrobes may require more time) $50 per additional hour
Personal Shopping- During this appointment we will both go shopping. I will have you point out styles that draw your eye as well as introduce you to new styles and looks that are new and trendy. By the end of this appointment you will have new looks to take home and to show off to the world. $350 (up to 4 hours)
Special Event Shopping- If you have a special event such as a wedding or night out on the town or even that class reunion to attend and cant find an outfit, look no further I will help to find that outfit that makes everyone take a second look at. $215 (up to 2 hours)
Wedding Styling- Do you know someone who is getting married or is it you? Weddings can be a stressful but beautiful time in a women's life. There's so many people who need to look fabulous as well as you. I am here to help you find that dress that makes everyones jaw drop when you come walking down that aisle. If you need the mother of the bride, groom or even the wedding party dressed for success, I am here to help with that too. Prices based on services.

Wedding Photos- Are you getting married to that one special person? Want memories to last a life time? I am here to make those memories last with pictures of the bride and bridal party getting ready and posing, as you and your'e special partner saying I DO. $275 (4 hours)-- $75 for every additional hour --200 photos, the rights to the photos and all of them on a disc)
Prom Photos- Almost as special and important as you're wedding day is Prom. $150 (2 hours) $50 for every additional hour