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Amanda Amyotte

event planner, wedding planner

Amanda Amyotte

Edmonton, AB

“Harmonious, Feel Every Moment!”

My name is Amanda Amyotte. My interests include crafts, singing, biking, and learning to name a few things. I have a very creative passion for everything I have put my heart and soul into, and take the things I love to do very seriously. My biggest achievement has to be when I became a Mom, I don't think there's a greater gift in this world, but it has also been my greatest challenge, learning and growing with my child is what makes me the person I am today.

I want to be the very best that I can be, in one of the biggest industries in the world. Until recently, I was working in the Oil and gas industry, while it's a promising industry, it just wasn't for me anymore. I graduated from High School back in 2006, and it has taken me until 2015 to really decide what "I want to be when I grow up". When I first brought the idea to the table, I was surprised with the positive feedback I received from all my friends and family, they were quick to let me know that I would do great because they knew it's something I adore doing. So at that point, knowing my passion for parties and hosting events, and I decided to join my hobby and my business knowledge and make it something that I could make a profit from. I am based out of Edmonton, AB, but am able to travel anywhere in the world if needed, I am completely flexible. There is nothing I would enjoy more than seeing the faces of my clients, when we finally put their dream together.


From Cupcakes to Conferences, from Start to Finish, from "Yes" to "I do" and everything in between, I will be there by your side to help your ideas and wants come to light.

1. Decor Meet and Greet – For the person who wants to DIY their wedding but needs help putting their ideas together to, bring it all together. Come sit with me for an hour or 2, and we can bounce ideas back and forth, and I will help you figure out what will make your event look perfect and a complete success.

2. Full Wedding - From the moment you call me for help to the day of the event, I will be there for you every step of the way. You can call, text, or email me at any given time and I will do my best to help you as soon as possible. You let me know what you want, and I make sure it happens, as well as I will be with you during the Event to make sure every thing is coordinated the way it needs to be. I will help you with your stationary, invitations, everything.

3. Corporate and Community Events/Fundraisers & Small Meetings – Whatever you need, from Professional to Fun, I will be your go to girl, to find whatever you are looking for. I will help aid in all the details that you need to make your Event exactly what it needs to be. Whether you are looking for a team building exercise or sponsors, I will do my very best. Finding speakers, location, agenda, catering and invitations can be completed as well.

4. Themes – Any theme is possible. Engagements to Bachelor/Bachlorette Parties, Kids Parties (Girls and Boys), Retirement Parties, Anniversaries, you name it, I want to help put it together!