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Casey Budge

makeup artist

Casey Budge
Hobart, TAS

Hello my name is Casey, I am 26 and passionate about make up.
I love to know what people want from their make up experience; this helps me to gain a bit of knowledge about the person and their expectations.
I believe make up should be used to enhance a persons natural beauty, to bring out a persons self confidence and express their personality. Make up is a great way for people to be creative and try a look that they may have never thought they would like before; I love helping people do this.

I believe each person is an individual and has individual likes, dislikes and needs when it comes to their make up; this is why it is important to work closely together to find the right look and make up for you.
I want each of my clients to leave with make up that makes them happy, makes them look and feel beautiful confident and most of all feeling happy with the experience and most of all feeling confident with their make up.

I have been experimenting with make up since I was a child; I was always eager to create my own look and own it. I love the way make up makes you look and how it can be individualised to each person.

I am currently an Early Years Educator, I love working with children; I always get complimented by them about my make up. "I like purple, you should wear more purple" That day I had worn bright purple lipstick.

I have always wanted to learn more about make up and the professional techniques that are used. I love looking through magazines, books and also searching on the internet for new ideas and inspiration. I think its important to always continue to keep up to date and to challenge your self and your skills.


Specialise in Bridal , formal and special occasions make up.
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