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Monique McKenzie

event planner, wedding planner

Monique McKenzie

Houston, TX
832-919-MONA (6662)

"Where Dreams Come True"

"Think, Dream, Reality" this is what it's all about! We think about the type of event we want to plan for an upcoming occasion. Then we'll dream of what we want this event to look like. Finally, the "actuality" of the trade is where I come in and turn that DREAM event into reality. My name is Monique Mckenzie and I have over 10 years of experience in party planning for friends and family and recently just started a youth mentoring program to encourage children to practice everyday skills, responsibilities, and giving back to their community, and other learning skills to get them prepared for their own promising future. It never crossed my mind that I would make it this far to becoming an event planner and the thought of becoming a mentor or even starting my own program. Growing up, I have always been the entertaining and jokeful type. I love to have fun, make others laugh, as well a becoming a role model for young adults. One thing you will catch quickly is that I have a wonderful personality. I'm very understanding and know how to take on leadership roles.

Mission, Vision, and Values:

My mission at Mona’s Party Planning is to grow my clientele by setting up marketing strategies for the whole month, so that I may reach out to my audience and inform them that I don’t only offer the service to plan events, but I also customize designs using my clients own creative vision. My goal is to convince my clients that my services that are offered through our company will be most beneficial to their wants as well as pricing. When you go to different suppliers for different services that price adds up and can burn a hole in a client’s pocket; when they can just come to a halt with Mona’s Party Planning. Furthermore, we want to give back to the community by having a Back to School car wash fundraising event every year ending in the last weekend in July before school starts in August, and giving away free backpacks and school supplies to families who donate.

The vision through this company is to see it grow before our eyes. As a company, we are wanting to discuss the secrets to success. We, at Mona's Party Planning are finally ready to make it to the top; we will continue to help our city and travel to surrounding areas and other states in the U.S.

The values are well put together to making our clients and children happy with every detailing event all the way to the wedding ceremony. We take on leadership roles, strive for creativity, and master the quality exceptional service that our client's deserve.


-Kids Birthday
-Adult Birthday
-Memorial Service/Funerals
-Baby Shower
-Bachelor and Bachelorette

**Other services offered**
-Slide show presentations
-Business cards

**Traveling to a city near you...Coming soon! (additional fees may apply)


"Mona happens to be my daughter, my recommendation has a personal attachment. In full disclosure Monique is the organizer and planner of all events in our family, Funeral, birthdays, graduation or just thanksgiving. She is very detailed ,organized and creative. If you hire her to create your once in a lifetime experience she will not disappoint. The greatest business trait she display is knowing when to say no and finding other excellent talent and resources. Try her work you will not be disappointed. Excellence is what she strives for at all times."

Maria Mckenzie-Parkinson


"Everyone the baby shower was great to the decoration and the food. She is who you should call monaspartyplanning great ideas !!!!!!!!!"

Dominique Bankston


"She created my housewarming event and I should say it was so spectacular. My theme was a resort at the beach and I stay in an apartment complex and you would think that we were really at the beach. The walkway to the door was made like the waves of water with some decorative paper she used to create that lively look, as people walked in they were so amazed and on the inside it had sea creatures hanging from the ceiling with beach chairs for everyone. It was so amazing. I would really recommend her for any event. She make everything possible and will incorporate every detail to the tee. All smiles on my end"

Franchesca Jones