Special Occasions Made Easy

Tiffany Shaw

event planner, wedding planner

Tiffany Shaw
Chatham, ON

Don't stress about planning, enjoy yourself by having SOMEone else take care of your special occasion.

Special Occasions Made Easy is exactly that. Everyone has a special occasion or event at least once a year that they want to be memorable. With that comes stress and added pressure to everyday life. You can always use an extra hand and SOME one else to either help to take care of it all for you, or even just some of the daunting and stressful aspects and still be what you envisioned. Let that SOME one be me. “SOME” by Tiffany is that SOME one else to take care of all of this. I will work within your budget to create and execute the event you had imagined as if you did it all yourself and allow you to enjoy the day stress free. Let me ensure that your “Special Occasion is Made Easy”.

I am a mother/step mother of 7 wonderful childern and 3 grandchildern. I have been a kitchen manager, cook and cooking instructor for 8 years now. I have managed quite a few business and overseen staff of up to 50 people per shift. Over the last 20 years I have been planning, executing, organizing, designing, decorating and catering events for not only myself and my childern while they were young, but also for family, friends, and associates. So I figured why not do this for a living since I truly enjoy it and had come to realize I am truly good at it. So as of May 2015 I did my research and found QC School to be perfect fit for this venture. I was still able to work full time as a cook and continue to cater, and create perfect themed events and spectacular atmospheres for others and take the pressure off the host or hostess while earning a diploma to do something I love. To this day I still get energized when someone asked me to help them to organize, shop for and create the perfect event. It's like planning your child birthday over and over again, or planning your wedding, how can you not get excited. Everyone has an artistic side in them it’s just to find what truly moves you to let it out. I have capitalized on my strengths and have evolved in the community to which I live. All of this led to what is now "SOME" by Tiffany. Special Occasions Made Easy, by Tiffany. SOME one else other than just yourself.


And any other events that you may require assistance with.

I can help with just some guidance for you or take care of everything from helping to find the right caterers, to dj's, venue, and the right decor. Or if you choose I can organizing everything with just your input and ideas you would like. Let me be that SOME one to help you.

All services are tailored to your needs and wants so there is no set pricing as everyone is a different case. I work with all budgets and can make anything happen. If you can imagine it, I can make it happen.