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Scott Compton

home stager, professional organizer

Scott Compton

Sparks, MD

Hello From The FurnitureGuy

Home Staging is marketing your home to potential buyers in a way they can imagine your home as their home. Only 10% of home buyers can actually visualize the potential of a home and typically decide if they are attracted to a home within 8-10 seconds.

The way we live in our home and market it for sale are very different. Who of us hasn't seen an episode of HGTV's House Hunters where a potential buyer can't get past a red focal wall in the living room and says, "No, I just can't see us here", its all marketing and visual appeal.

A professional home stager recommends colors, minor repairs, de-cluttering, furniture placement, art/accessories and organization needs which would best fit your home's space and showcases its features.

Exit Stage Right and your personal stager, the FurnitureGuy, not only bring the creativity, visual appeal and certified training, I bring options. Our professional services are tiered to accommodate all of our clients needs and budgets, at all levels. You might have one or many needs with your home sale and move, we would like to be your single point of contact for those needs.

When possible, we use the homes existing furnishings and accessories you already own to create the desired look. That can be a great cost-saving factor in the sale/appeal of your home. For vacant properties, we bring in the necessary furnishings and accessories to help your home outshine the competition. Like we said, it's Marketing which is the key word here.

At Exit Stage Right, we set the stage to make your home inviting and appealing to potential buyers. We create an atmosphere where clients can visualize themselves living in your home.

The process begins by de-cluttering and packing away unnecessary items to create a blank canvas. We then use your existing furnishings and accessories to create a new look. Exit Stage Right and the FurnitureGuy also can help by organizing your home and areas to better appeal to the potential buyer, a key factor in today's home sales arena.

First impressions are crucial when a potential buyer drives by your home. Many realtors will give their clients a list of addresses prior to making an appointment with the homeowner. If the home looks unsightly, often the client will continue on to the next listing. So your homes curb appeal is vital to warrant a possible sale.

Give your home that curb appeal to outshine the others on the block. Exit Stage Right and the FurnitureGuy looks at your home from a buyers view and he can suggest changes to make your home welcoming and inviting at an affordable cost. Allow us to take you on a tour of several before and after projects. Its always nice to get a visual for the seller too, it greatly helps promote the concept of staging.

See for yourself what a difference a small change will make and give that potential buyer an everlasting impression.

With over 16 years of Commercial Project Management, CFM (Corporate Facilities Management) logistics/office moves coordination, procurement and commercial space planning background prior to coming to the staging industry; the FurnitureGuy and Exit Stage Right will be an invaluable resource for all of your processes and needs related to home sale, moves, furnishing, decor and procurement of products related.

Call, text, Tweet, or e-mail us today to set up a personal consultation to discuss your needs. Just click on my social media icons to view my contact/sites info.


After conducting the initial communications and setting up a walk-through of your home, Exit Stage Right and the FurnitureGuy will provide our clients with a detailed profit list of changes to be made. Our client can choose to perform these changes on their own. These changes may include improving furniture layout, painting of rooms, de-cluttering and packing away of accessories, pictures, organizing the areas, etc.

Exit Stage Right provides locally rented/leased/purchased furniture, art, accessories, etc. as well as associated services to professionally stage the property. We even provide fresh flowers for your first open house, heck we will even bring the mulling spices to boil during your walk thru's of your home! After scent is the first impression upon entry to a home.

With the project management, logistics, office moves coordination experience aforementioned, the FurnitureGuy and Exit Stage Rightcan help with relocating as well! The FurnitureGuy will meet your movers, direct placement of furniture and set up your new home. Can you imagine coming home from your first day on the new job and your kitchen is ready for cooking and your bed is turned down? Even the art work installed. Welcome to the new home!

The first impression your home makes may determine whether yours makes the list of a must-see property. Photos tell the entire story both positive and negative in many cases. Web appeal is vital to your homes exposure and true story! Once your property has been professionally staged, we provide your agent with digital, web-ready photos for marketing your home.


I worked with Scott on a continuous basis, and his communication capabilities are consistently superior to many others. Scott’s attention to detail inspires me to go above and beyond on all project/management related tasks and objectives. As a new face in the industry I am honored to have the privilege to work with and learn from Scott Compton. Mr. Compton is a pusher and a mover, always taking a proactive approach to every aspect of the project. Thank you Mr. Compton, for the continuous leadership you emit, and I am privileged to work with you. Via LinkedIn

Kayla Peters - Logistics Management Specialist at Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)


Scott networks exceptionally well. While I am not the first thought in his daily routine somehow he flawlessly executes new and relevant information just when needed. He spots articles and industry events that are related to insight and humor beyond the value of a traditional business relationship. A connection to Scott is as a trusted resource in your arsenal of industry knowledge. Via LinkedIn

Alibia de Vente - eTool Program Manager at Kimball Office Furniture


Scott Compton worked with me as a Project Manager on large contract furniture projects with Vertex Business Interiors, sister company to MOI, Inc. (Maryland Office Interiors). I relied on Scott’s professional experience, attention to detail and dedication to the project to expertly manage entire projects. Scott worked with planning, organizing and managing to bring about the successful completion of projects. Scott managed, monitored and controlled the order process, installation logistics and installation supervision meeting client expectations for time lines. Scott provided excellent customer service by interacting with them directly on a daily basis and responding quickly to all questions and requests. On a personal level, Scott is passionate about his role as a Project Manager, the furniture/design industry overall and is a pleasure to work with and know. Thank you Scott. Via LinkedIn

Marcie Mayher - Account Executive at USBI - US Business Office Interiors


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