QC Career School

Melissa Silas

home stager, interior redesigner

Melissa Silas

Long Beach, CA

Thank you for the invite to be richly endow with a step by step course outline in the field of design. In other words, I would like to emphasis on work that would keep me employable, financially stable, yet in all the same, out of the recession. Given that the design market is booming now, it makes it even more reason that, after I graduate the next stage is to work with rich clients.


Melissa Silas started designing when she was 7 years old. This is when Barbie dream house were really popular. She started designing barbie tangibles and decor for her Barbie doll house. In her late 30's she completed her degree in Organizational Management with the emphasis of tangibles and home decor, and her continuation of sketching of landscapes and architectural interior and exterior indeed is applicable with her new career in home staging and redesign.

Melissa isn't extremely excited about attending school again, but the huge portfolio boost considering her background in Organizational Management will however at least allow her to get back to the point of her professional career.

Secondly, she will have a simple explanation now for yet another granted sequential transition in contrast, to all the same or at least the past two years events.