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William Patrick

event planner, wedding planner

William Patrick

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Planning the Moment You've Been Waiting For

Here at EVENTually You Will, our motto is "Planning the moment you've been waiting for." We are qualified to provide the resources and services customers need while demonstrating professionalism, efficiency, and staying within budget. At EVENTually You Will, you will always walk away with that memorable WOW factor that sets us apart from other event planners.

William is a decorated army veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2003 to 2004. After serving our country for almost 5 years, William decided to obtain his Bachelors in Criminal Justice and later, his certification in event/wedding planning. While traveling the world and fighting for his country, William gained experience working with diverse individuals from a multitude of backgrounds.

William began his career in event planning in 2011 by creating custom social events for his employer Broward House, a non-profit HIV agency in Fort Lauderdale. These events included a social networking, HIV-prevention and an outreach group for young gay men, ages 18-30. Using social media as a medium to advertise the events, William was challenged with identifying fun and innovative ways to both engage and educate them on HIV prevention activities as it relates to the events. After a bit of trial and error, Will was able to create a series of winning events which saw bolstering participation and popularity. Unfortunately, these series of events came to an end when funding for this program was no longer available. When the program ended, William discovered that his passion for planning events was never ending, and was determined to continue leaving lasting impressions and enhancing the lives of his colleagues through event planning. This ultimately became the blueprint for EVENTually You Will!


Once In a Lifetime - Not really sure where or how to begin the planning process of your event? With the "Once In a Lifetime" package, we do a full day consultation and brainstorm ideas for your special event. We will be able to provide you with a selection of vendors, tips on ways you can save, as well as any other creative ideas you may need assistance with.

A Moment Like This - Maybe you are already an organized person and planned your special day yourself. Instead of worrying about all the things that could possibly go wrong on the day of the event, you'd rather take this time to enjoy "A Moment Like This" This is where EVENTually You Will steps in. Our work will begin with you 6 weeks before the event. We will sit down together and go over all the details of how you want this special day to go. On the day of the event, we'll be there to take care of last minute details, coordinate with the vendors, and make sure everything goes according to the way you planned it in head.

Moment 4 Life - EVENTually You Will have that moment you've been waiting for. With this package, you can sit back and relax while we walk you through every aspect of planning your special event. We will take on the challenge of the dedicated hours of contacting all parties involved in your big day, from vendors, suppliers, and caterers. Nothing is approved without your final say in all decisions. From the very first meeting where you tell us about the vision in your head; up until the day of the event, EVENTually You Will will take care of all endeavors involved and ensure you truly enjoy this "Moment 4 Life"