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Whitnee Clark

event decorator, event planner, wedding planner

Whitnee Clark

Columbia, SC

Plans are nothing; Planning is EVERYTHING!

Have you ever woke up the next morning wondering exactly how you could bring someone's vision to life? Or even how you could execute their ideas beyond measures that they would have never even thought of? Well, that's me! Being able to Coordinate different events in college, I have always been excellent at organizing events from beginning to end.

Growing up my mother was the " Go-To" woman if you wanted decorations done. So I was always up late nights helping her create different centerpieces for surprise birthday parties, family reunion gatherings, and even baby showers. However, it wasn't until I had to plan my 2 year-old's first birthday party that I knew I discovered my "secret weapon". PLANNING! From the theme, to the invitations, to creating any and every game that I could tie in being sure to entertain guest from 6 months - 10 years old, I knew right then that I have what it takes.


Decorations for Baby Showers; Event planning and Wedding planning/ coordinating; Please feel free to contact me for further information on prices via email or call.


Whitnee has been an excellent help since day 1 of my planning. I planned my wedding and we asked Whitnee if she could coordinate the day of my wedding. I gave her my vision and she executed with no problem. She also gave great input to my planning to make it even more effective. She kept me on a schedule with a timeline of my “To-Do List” for the wedding. She also went out her way to create a spreadsheet for me and my husband to keep a track of the bridal party, florist and caterer information, our budget, guest list, seating chart, and venue information. This spreadsheet has truly been a huge help and guide. We used it all the way up to our wedding date! Whitnee kept in contact with my maid of honors and assisted them in the planning of my bridal shower and bachelorette party. Two days before my wedding, she helped with the programs and favors. We stayed up past our bed times to make sure everything was done! The day before the wedding, she was at the reception hall helping me to place down plates, napkins, glasses, and favors. She even drove to Columbia to pick up the china. That night of rehearsal flowed smoothly. I told her the ordered of how I wanted my bridal party to come down and she executed. The rehearsal lasted about an hour and ten minutes. After the rehearsal and dinner, she stayed to help my maid of honor finish decorating the church. The day of the wedding flowed smoothly just like rehearsal. We started at 3:15pm to allow the slow comers to enter. Ceremony was a success. At the reception hall we did have a few glitches with the caterer but Whitnee kept her professionalism and remained calm. No one could tell there was even a problem! Overall, God has blessed me to put Whitnee in my path. She did exactly what was expected of her. She has a strong back bone to handle any situation. She never complained. Everything she has done was from the heart. I would highly recommend Whitnee as your next event planner/coordinator. She will definitely get the job done! Signed a happy bride!

Latoya Green