Lindsay Dempsey

wedding planner

Lindsay Dempsey
Salem, MA

Wedding of your dreams....clever...unique..stress free

I am a hairdresser becoming a wedding planner i would like to do both. i am an extremely artistic person and love creating new ideas that no one else has. i have been called a mediator i like peace and no fighting which i think will suit me in this job. not only can i plan a wedding that will be magical but i can also do the hairstyles of the people in the wedding party!


i have already planned my own wedding so i know the stress in it. i can take the stress off of you and make it an easy transition into married life. i can help you pick out your flowers, gowns, tuxes, hairstyles, themes, entertainment, place of ceremony/reception, and the of course the one person that will marry you. if you prefer i can plan just your big day and leave you to the rest!