Britney Beausoleil

wedding planner

Britney Beausoleil
Windsor, ON

Welcome to my wedding planning website! Where I will make all your wedding dreams come true!

Hello, my name is Britney Beausoleil and I am 22-years-old. I am new to wedding planning but have such a passion for it. My love for wedding planning started when I was looking on the internet at all the possibilities for different wedding designs. I started watching television shows about weddings and planning them and I was hooked! Though I am new to this I have a fresh approach and am open to all ideas you have for your wedding!

I am currently enrolled in the QC Wedding Planning course. I have acquired much knowledge as I have worked my way through the course. I have always loved weddings and every aspect of them. When I found this course I was immediately drawn to it. I knew that this business would be for me. I can't wait to get started in this business and try to help many brides as well as grooms get the dream wedding they have always wanted. Love is such am important part of each persons life and I cannot wait to help start a couples life with helping them plan and make happen their wedding.


I offer help for all aspects of the wedding. Such as small things like pre-wedding parties. To the entire wedding itself. I can help walk through the planning process, join you for meetings with potential vendors to help you understand what you are receiving from them. I will help to make your wedding day as smooth and as stress free as I possibly can. Contact me today to find out prices for all of my services whether its a lot or just something simple I'm here to help!