Shannon Jones

event planner, wedding planner

Shannon Jones
Baltimore, MD

My business is here to help & satisfy what you are looking for & need! Satisfaction is what my business is here for.

I am Shannon Jones a Wedding/Events Planner. I am here to make your day a very special one & beyond. I am here to hear all of your wonderful ideas for your special day & to make it my business to make that day as wonderful & fulfilled as you would want it.

I have a degree in Education and I am a certificate in Wedding/Event planner. My experience in Education has been over fourteen years in schools & daycares. Teaching as always been a passion of mine, but in my life I also want to have more than one option in work, which is why I have always wanted to do events planning. I decided to sign up for the class & obtain my certificate. It was the most greatest thing I could have ever done. I have learned so much in planning fun events that it doesn't seem like a job, more like a fun hobby. I can not wait to continue this journey in my life. Thank so much for reading my mini education bio.


The type of services I offer:

Wedding Events
Corporate Events/Dinners
Board Meetings