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Zoe Brooks

event planner, wedding planner

Zoe Brooks


Making your dreams come alive

Hi there we are Event and Wedding Planners. We can cater for any occasion or event you want with the help from our suppliers. We can deal with many aspects of your occasion with little or as much input from the yourself. Our approach will be to listen carefully to what the you say and help you when mixed decisions are stopping your plans for a wonderful day. We will be completely honest with the you and will go all out to make sure that you get the day you have asked for.

I grew up in Norwich and came from a nice family home. Due to my parents splitting up and then meeting new people I now have extra family members which makes parties and occasions even more special as there is more people around to share it with.

My education background was that of any normal child, I completed school at the age of 16 and went straight out to work I got myself a temporary job in a supermarket working there for a couple of months.
At 17 I was introduced to this E2E training course through the YMCA which I attended for 22 weeks, this taught me how to write C.Vs properly, gain experience in a work placement, gain more qualifications and awards for helping out in a local community project.
After I finished the course I went out to work again before deciding I wanted to better myself and do a career I loved – Event and Wedding Planning. I signed up to an online home learning course and have many targets and goals I aim to get completed.

I have a bit of experience behind me working with events, I have done a few for family and friends including birthday parties and social get together as well as participating in the Race For Life 5K marathon and doing some fundraising towards that. I also worked within a housing association where I had to plan internal or external corporate events for residents to attend. I had to deal with the transport, invitations, food and making sure that posters, the day’s agendas and the correct people where there when they should be at the correct time. I have also planned my own mothers wedding in July 2016 with little help from her, and she had the best day of her life.


We can provide assistance in creating:
• Weddings
• Parties
• Corporate events
• External corporate events
• Social gatherings
• Fundraisers
• Open house events and more

Any occasion you want we can be of assistance.
Our aim is to organise and manage any logistics and catering needed while also thinking of the smaller details that may get missed out occasionally to make your day run smoothly and perfectly.

We can deal with:
• Budgeting
• Venue
• Catering
• Transport
• Equipment
• Accommodation
• Invitations
• Decorations
• Music
• Photography

Our services work by breaking down everything we can do for you in a consultation meeting where we will get to know you and what they expect and want for their occasion, we will provide them with information about our suppliers, about past occasions we have done, our contact details so they can get hold of us whenever they need to and the price they have to pay for our service. We make sure our undivided attention is given to the occasion as well as access to using some of our suppliers that we have built relationships with for equipment, invitations, cake making, photography and a DJ.

We can help in 4 different ways depending on the client’s choice:
• The whole experience – From the 1st meeting all the way through to the end of the occasion, I can cover all the major aspects as well as all the minor ones to make sure your day is perfect.
• Advice and information – I can just be there to give my advice on what the client chooses and information about services or suppliers if my client is struggling.
• Planning and preparation – I can help with just planning the day and preparing you for that day.
• On the day – I can just be around on the day of the occasion making sure everything goes smoothly and without a hitch. I can sort out problems if they arise and make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Whatever you choose, We will make sure that you are happy and will be there for you 24/7.
We will make it our mission that you have the best day of your life and that your memories come to life.