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Makeup By Samaya

Samaya Volpato

makeup artist

Samaya Volpato

Stanthorpe, QLD

For All Your Makeup & Beauty Desires

My name is Samaya, I am 19 Years of age and I am studying to become a Makeup Artist. I am amazed by how makeup can enhance our features. Now day's, appearance is trending more than ever. My drive comes from my love of makeup. Making women and men feel more confident within their own skin, making people of all ages feel good about themselves, the way they look and giving someone that flawless moment for that special occasion.

For anyone who knows me you will have already know that I am a makeup and beauty geek. I started out watching YouTube videos and began to teach myself the basics of makeup. Eventually started to enjoy the amount of creativity and potential in every brush stroke. At this point i knew that I wanted to include makeup in my everyday routine, and what better way to do that than become a Makeup Artist! I want everyone else to be amazed in how much illusion and artistry makeup can have, from the contours of our face to the arch in our brows. As I live in a small town it is easy to build a reputation for beauty/makeup and I cant tell you how often people have come to me seeking makeup advice! I love the fact that makeup can enhance our features and make us women feel more confident about the way we look whilst boosting our self-esteem.


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