Sparkle Your Beauty

Carolyn Bulsink

makeup artist

Carolyn Bulsink
Kitchener, ON

Making you beautiful will make you feel fabulous

I am a current makeup student at QC Makeup Academy and is currently starting my own business in makeup, nails and photography. My personal approach is to create a potential clients to receive the best service that they ever express.

I volunteered for mother/daughter fashion show as a makeup artist years ago and grew a professional relationship with models and they were amazing and very patient with my work during my time there. I realize that I love working with people and that my talent became my passion. I also write a blog about my makeup tips to my audience and they all loved what I have to offer so I decided to take a course here at QC and I'm pleased with what they have taught me so far!


Sparkle Your Beauty offers all-day service getting your makeup, your nails done and have your professional photo taken same day when you are receiving my services. During that service, I'd like to include my jewellery business for potential clients to go shopping before or after their makeup application. My makeup website is under construction and is not yet completed but I am still working on it.