Modest Lustre

Kayla Liudavicius

makeup artist

Kayla Liudavicius
Whitby, ON

Beauty is only as deep as you are.

Welcome to Modest Lustre. My goal is to take a modest face and bring out it's brilliance. I believe it is every makeup artist's job to accentuate the beauty in each and every face they work- not to hide your face, but brighten it.

I hope to work with you to give you the look you most desire- be it a natural, neutral look, a glammed up look for a party or event, or even a dramatic, stylized look for cosplay or the stage- Ill work until you are absolutely satisfied.

Thank you for considering me as your makeup artist!

I grew up in Whitby, ON. I found my passion for makeup at a very young age, digging around in my mothers makeup drawer (as we all did). As I got older, I became more serious about it, really digging in when I went away for college. I had so much fun trying experimental eye looks, and while not all of them were spot on, I wasn't afraid to try new things, and discovered great looks.

When I left school, I struggled to find a job I would be passionate about. I tried a few different things, but then it hit me- makeup. I love makeup. I love doing makeup, I love shopping for makeup, I love talking about makeup, and nothing felt better then helping my friends use their products. It was staring me in the face the whole time and I am so glad I decided to pursue it. I've never been happier doing what I am now, and I can't imagine doing anything else.


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