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Cinnamon Glory

Christina De Silva

event planner, wedding planner

Christina De Silva

Brisbane, QLD

We build your dream around you

Cinnamon Glory is about food and events. My daughter and I make food platters for parties and I am a cake decorator with an added qualification of Wedding and Event planner. Together we have formed our business. I have always wanted to help people to plan out their weddings or parties. I have helped my family and friends to plan out weddings and milestone birthdays which was a huge success. We also plan to extent our business to Sri Lanka for people to experience a cultural wedding or event.

I was born in Malaysia with Sinhalese origin. My husband, my daughter, her family and I live in Australia. I worked as a beauty therapist from home and also did other small jobs just to pay the bills. I did a couple of courses in cosmetics, massage therapies and child care. I have been working as a child care assistant in a centre. Although I am quite happy working with children I have always wanted to decorate cakes, make different types of food and organize birthday events or always giving ideas for their next milestone events or weddings. So I did a lot of online courses in cake decorating and learnt a lot of cakes through the internet. Then I started doing cakes for family and friends. It was very challenging as I had to work and as well as make cakes. I put long hours into making detailed decorations for cakes. I also do sweet tables which I take extra time in choosing colours and themes for the occasion. Although I have done party planning events I like to gain more knowledge in this field. Once I have finished my course in event and wedding planning I will be introducing this service in the future.


I offer food platters for corporate functions, birthday parties, house parties, cocktails. I do Birthday Cakes, Novelty cakes, engagement cakes, wedding cakes, cup cakes. We do not deliver.

We make sweet tables according to the theme or client request. Sweet jars and other items for the table can be hired from us.
Planning of birthday parties consultation is offered for a nominal fee.

Wedding Plannings and milestone events