Milagros Gaccino

travel consultant

Milagros Gaccino
Mesa, AZ

The joy of travel is with us..come aboard!

The most wonderful experience is to travel and experience the culture and history of people around the world.

"Loving and enjoying life..."

Keeping a positive attitude promotes good health and happiness. I like traveling, exploring new places, and learning the history and culture of people around the world. Music and dancing keep me physically fit and healthy. I am a self employed entrepreneur. I love helping people in so many ways. I graduated from Angeles University, Philippines with a Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts. I have a strong background in sales and marketing. Hope you will join me and experience the wonderful life of travel.


Travel consultant and booking..

Birthday, Anniversary, Reunion, Wedding, Promotion on Personal and Business Achievements

Creatively tailor your own travel destination: cruises, fun, exotic, romantic and memorable


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