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Ryanna Hansen

professional organizer

Ryanna Hansen

Lacombe, AB

Saving Spaces - Saving Time - Saving Money

I am a new Professional Organizer and loving it so much. I'm so excited to have found this opportunity. It may sound strange to some but I really enjoy getting into a space and making it better, more user friendly, more organized. I have had the opportunity to work on my own house, which is home to my family of 6, as well as the houses and spaces of some friends. The more I work in this profession the more I realize how much I enjoy it. There are so many tips and tricks for making your space better, more efficient, increasing your productivity, all while saving time and money. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? But it's not and it is easier than you think to achieve with a professional organizer. I look forward to assisting many to organize their homes and their spaces so they can enjoy the benefits of an organized home.

As excited as I am to start my own business in Professional Organizing, I am also looking forward to continuing my education beyond this program with certification in Interior Design. This will be a nice addition to my services as I organize spaces.


Professional Organizing - Residential (everything from closet spaces to the most used areas of your home such as the kitchen)
Professional Organizing - Commercial (furniture layout, room layout, desk and work areas, storage areas,, kitchen and eating areas, paper solutions)
Declutter services including removal
Room Planning
Furniture Planning
Storage solutions
Moving - declutter and packing
Downsizing - declutter and packing


I am writing in regards to the service Ryanna Hansen provided to me. She was able to aid and direct me in reorganizing and cleaning my kitchen. It took us almost four hours. I was able to get rid of a lot of things that I never used. I was also able to relocate some of the items to make it easier to find things. I really liked some of the advice that Ryanna gave me that it is easier to put things back where they belong than it is to spend hours trying to clean up a big mess if you leave stuff everywhere. I have continued to take Ryannas advice and I have been putting things in their proper place. My house is much cleaner and today I loaded my Rave full of stuff I don't need to take to the second hand store. It feels like my load is getting lighter. Thanks so much Ryanna.

Shelley Pelletier

Ryanna has helped me organize my home (which is still an ongoing process) and with that I have peace of mind and feel more capable of moving forward with our home. She has an excellent personality and is a real pleasure to work with. She is efficient - no muss no fuss and yet allows some room for the heart. Ryanna also quietly holds firm, focused and on task in moments when I need the strength to 'let it go'. Through working with her I continue to develop skills and patterns to create a better flow in our home and eliminate clutter both in home and mind. I do joke that when I desperately want to keep something and ask couldn't I just keep this too that I hear silence (which I like to call crickets in the back ground) as she hold firm and I have that second while I let it go. Thank you is too few words for how much it has helped.

Monica Buchanan