Diane Knipe-Muir

professional organizer

Diane Knipe-Muir
Jasper, AB

Do you, or someone you know, need help DOWNSIZING or getting ORGANIZED? Lighten Up Organizers caters to YOUR individual needs.

My name is Diane and I am the founder of ‘Lighten Up Organizers’. After my initial meeting with you, I will develop a plan based on your individual needs. I recognize that it's not always easy for people to downsize or get organized, the process sometimes involves discarding memories, and as we all know, that’s not an easy thing to do.
Our company tries to think ‘outside the box’, from donating your unwanted belongs to charities and organizations, to selling your valuable items, on your behalf. Our goal is to recycle what we can, minimizing what we send to landfill.
At the end of our process, our hopes are to accomplish what you have envisioned, and possibly make you few extra dollars from any items you may sell.

I have always strived to be organized, not only in my personal space but also helping others organize theirs. My organizing trait came in handy when my father passed away and my mother needed to downsize from the family home, to a condo, and eventually into assisted living. For my mother, the idea of sifting through a household of memories, and making the decision on what to keep and what to discard, was daunting, she didn’t have the skills or the energy to get the job done. Thankfully, I was there to help.
Unfortunately, not everyone has someone standing by to help, people are busy, and the task of moving and organizing others can be overwhelming and time consuming. That is where my services come in. Through my lifetime of organizing, along with my studies as a Profession Organizer, I have developed the knowledge, resources, and skills, required to get the job done.


Lighten Up Organizers offers many services, and part of our service is helping you decide what you need based on your personal situation.
Working with you as a partner, or doing it all ourselves (you decide) our company:

- helps you downsize and get organized.
- provides you with idea’s on how to dispose of discarded items.
- provides you with a list of charities and organizations that will benefit from your downsizing.
- removes unwanted items.
- helps you organize your belongings, and provides you with storage idea’s that best suit your lifestyle given the space you have.
- organizes the sale of any items you feel hold value, from advertising online to taking them to consignment stores.
- helps pack you up in the case of a move, as well as unpack you, if you so desired. (We will even arrange for movers).
- provide you with advice and tips on how to ‘stay on track’ and organized.
- touches base with you after the job is completed, and address any concerns or answer any questions you still might have.

We will be by your side, from beginning to the end, to guide and help you along the way.