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Dina Peterson

interior decorator

Dina Peterson

Orlando, FL

Imagination is the Power of Design!

Hello, Hola, Ciao, Bonjour & Kon’nichiwa!
My Name is Dina Michele, I specialize in Interior Design and Project Management.
Design speaks in all languages. Design is inspiration and imagination. Are you interested? Please inquire within.

Dina Michele Peterson
Interior Designer

Dina has had an extensive career in sales, marketing, customer relations and management working for high tech companies in the computer industry. She has demonstrated dedication and a strong work ethic and has received multiple awards for setting the pace of business. She has always found ways to be creative in all her endeavors on the job and in her own personal life. She has always been an Interior Design, Architecture and Art enthusiast. Starting her adventure in interior design in 1994, she redesigned homes and worked on various home improvement projects for friends. As her confidence grew in her creative abilities, she attended classes at the Ringling School of Art. Later in 2006, she volunteered for Modern Atlanta where she gained more knowledge of the design industry and decided to pursue her passion in Interior Design. Dina enrolled at QC Design School in 2015 to obtain her Certification. She is also a member of ASID and still volunteers for Modern Atlanta.


On-site Consulting: Finding the needs of the client, style, budget, develop floor plan, measurements, make suggestions.

Space planning and furniture arrangement: Create a balance and flow of the room, by arranging furniture so the room serves purpose and has great flow and harmony.

Project Management: Overseeing the whole project, hiring contractors & specialists, making purchases, managing timeline, budget and completion of the project.

Project Coordinator: Suggest contractors, painters, specialists for project where client will oversee the project.

Room Redesign & Refresh: Use existing furniture to revive appearance, making suggestion on new layout.

Purchasing delivery: Buying new furniture based on approval of client and track all deliveries.