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Holli Holmen

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Holli Holmen

Honolulu, HI

Making your special day fun and perfect in every way

Hi! My name is Holli Holmen. I am a full service Wedding Planner in the state of Hawaii. I offer services from handing out and going over informational packets, to day of services, all the way to planning your entire wedding from start to finish. My personal approach to planning and life is that everything should be fun and exciting. I love to make people smile and that’s exactly what you should be doing throughout he planning process and on the Big day. I am also a very creative individual and I love to make everyone’s craziest and wildest ideas and dreams come true in creative ways.

I am a fun loving and outgoing individual. I love to do a lot of different things in life and one of those things is theater. I have been studying and doing theater and television acting for the past 12 years. Doing theater has helped me expand my creativity even more and has given me a chance to work with many different types of people in many different types of situations. Having creativity definitely helps when it comes to planning weddings. I am also a certified wedding planner from QC Career School. I have also attended that Wedding Café’s Wednesday Night Workshops for an entire session.

How did I become a Wedding Planner?
I had taken an interest in Weddings ever since my Fiancé and I got engaged, but I had never imagined being a planner until this year. My best friend texted me in the middle of the night one day and said that her and her husband decided they wanted to have an actual wedding before he left for boot camp. From the moment she texted me until now I have been in wedding planning mode. I started taking classes from QC Career School the day after she messaged me and I became her planner that day as well. I started planning right away and helped her to create and amazing and perfect day that her and her husband loved. Ever since then I have been in love with planning and helping other couples and I am excited to get to do this for the rest of my life.

I have been planning birthday, surprise birthday, and group parties for family and friends for the past 10 years. I planned my first wedding this year and I am so excited to plan many more in the future!


For my services I offer:
A free Consultation
A Basic Information Package
Drop-in Help
Day of Planning
Week of Planning
Month of Planning
Full Wedding Planning Services

I sit down with client's for free to get a basic idea of what they are looking for for their event. If choosen as the Planner they would like to go with, I have client's sign a contract and we discuss more details of the event and the planning process. I then set up follow up meeting dates with them.

Basic Information Packet:
If after the consultation the client decides that they would prefer to plan the wedding on their own, I will sit down with them for a second meeting and give them an informational packet that will help them with budget, vendors, finding venues, and will give them ideas and ways to make their ideas come to life. This package and meeting does have a fee that the client's and I would have discussed prior to this meeting.

Drop-in Help:
This is an option where client's who are planning on their own can call me or email me at any time to ask for help for things that come up during the planning process where they are uncertain of what they should do. The fee for this will be discussed with clients.

Day of Planning:
This is a great option for client's who would like to have a break on their wedding day. The client and I will discuss previous to the day, all of the details of the event so that I can take over on the day of the wedding and they can finally relax.

Week of Planning:
Similar to Day of planning, but I will be relieving my client's of stress for the entire week before the wedding.

Month of Planning:
I will be helping client's with anything they need assistance with for the entire month before the wedding day.

Full Planning Services:
For this package I help my client's plan their entire wedding and every event that happens during and after the wedding. I will help with every detail from finding the right ring, to finding all of the vendors and venues, to helping plan and set-up the ceremony and reception, to even helping plan the honeymoon if needed. This is the biggest and most stress free package offered. Client's can have a smooth perfect planning process and event without needing to stress for even a second.