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The Gaian Shapeshifter

Matthew Travis

professional organizer

Matthew Travis

Halifax, NS

Transforming views, behaviours and spaces to encourage a transformation of life on earth.

My name is Matthew Travis and I am inspired by the ways of the earth, I wish to help others connect and reconnect with themselves and their environment.
Whether at home, the office or within your local community.
Together we can change our world within and around us toward a better future.

As a Gaian, I have a profound and ever growing connection, love and respect for the earth and all her children. I live with a wish in my heart that the world will find harmony in the never-ending oscillation between chaos and order.
Gaia has guided my life education through many experiences and I have fortunately been granted the wisdom to understand my purpose and place in the web of existence she offers......as a Shapeshifter.

No matter the place, materials or conditions. I have within me a innate ability to take the scene before me apart and reconstruct a new reality.
First shaped in my mind and then created with my hands.

The challenge is sharing my skills and abilities with others, as the value in the shapeshifting effort is often overlooked and underestimated by all.
Through my personal life and my work, I aim to inspire and provoke others into believing shapeshifting is possible.

Trained through the Canadian Forces as a logistician and privileged to have spent twenty years working within numerous industries from Aviation to Bio pharmaceutical and Manufacturing. Thanks to my curious and creative nature I have many hobbies for which I dive deep into for personal growth and development. Add alongside my hobbies, my work experience and you'll find I've gained expertise over the years in field logisitics, home, office and industrial organization, carpentry, interior/exterior design, landscape design and more. My educational aim is to add to the knowledge I've gained to date in all my areas of interest.


How can a Gaian Shapeshifter help you?

Please review the list of services I provide and certainly inquire about any one service or in combination. A reasonable and cost effective plan can be developed that will accommodate all your needs.

A consultation is imperative and a fee does apply.
Please contact me for more information.

- Professional Organizing
- Field logistics
- Interior / Exterior Design
- Landscape Design and Construction
- Gardening and Yard Maintenance
- Carpentry
- Light to Medium Masonry
- Green Building
- Self Sustainability