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Allyson Derreck

event planner , wedding planner

Allyson Derreck

Niagara Falls, ON

Coming Soon: Ripe Events "A ripe way of life'

Allyson Derreck is an Event and Wedding specialist who will be opening her own event boutique in the coming year. She has an intense personal style that strings vintage nostaglia and contemporary design together in a web of creative majesty. Ripe Events will be a place for you to be inspired and nurtured as Allyson helps facilitate your unique and individual ideas into a realized event.

Skill is Ripe.
Currently a student at QC School of Event and Wedding Planning, Allyson is refining her skills as a professional. She has nine years experience in customer service and sales and is currently building her portfolio. Allyson understands and has a keen dexterity for painting the picture you see in your minds eye. She feels that fresh ideas combined with old fashioned integrity provide a delicate combination that will truly elevate each client to a new level of customer service and satisfaction.

Style is Ripe.
Allyson has a passion for design and all it encompasses. As a student, she studied art history and the fundamentals of design. She continues to strengthen her own artistic portfolio and feels that there is always more to learn. Allyson loves history and incorporating fashions from the past in her own world. She finds inspiration from the 30's, 40's and 50's and is intrigued by retro design.

Time is Ripe.
There couldn't be a more desirable time to bring Ripe Events to you. Ripe Events is a business that operates with integrity and thrives on building deep-rooted customer relationships. Ripe Events was designed to alleviate the pressure of your lifestyle. And Ripe Events was built to bring a fresh approach to event management.
Now-a-days, the very idea of being unique has become a stereotype in which you inevitably fall into. So how do you express your individuality and style? Ripe Events believes that individuality is the most precious freedom and therefore concludes:
1. There is always room for improvement and
2. Creativity is an endless resource


Events are a representation of an individual or corporate family who have something to share. Like lush fruit, events will be handled with the utmost attention and prudence to make them Ripe. Ripe Events is here to offer you a fully informative consultation in which they will concieve your dreams and step-by-step, seamlessly walk you into your event. Services include:
Beauty and makeup specialists
Catering & food/beverage
clean-up crews
Client consultations and regular follow-up
Interactive Mcee's
Live entertainment (special)
Live Musicians
Party and wedding decor
Photography/videography Specialists
Set-up/tear-down crews
Sound (technical) equipment

Inquire about Ripe Events totally unique 'concept room' designed to help you elevate your ideas from dream to reality.

Ripe Event's ironhanded team of affiliates and vendors are the very best that Niagara has to offer to you and will always surpass your expectations.